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Louis Julien  

Artiste du mois décembre 2018 MAA

Mondial Art Academia 

is proud to congratulate Louis Julien on the

 Best Artist 2018 december  


Artistic Approach

Timeless bursting with vibrant colours, my creations are inspired by the time that is no more. A subtle symbios is between the elements is breaking the viewer’sheart.


Inevitably, my research is taking me towards a destiny founded on tragedy and melancholy, wheresome misunderstood worlds, abandonments and dashed hopes meet in order to plastically create the tumult of my mind. A radica change to my work is leading me to abstract leanings, with a marked increase in serifs.


The medium is an entity that really speaks to me, so I’m guided bye its charisma. The image comes to me, there is no point in opposing it. So, the « Concept of balancing »will be formed by merging my intimate being with the completion of the sais « Painting ».

Louis Julien  

Louis Julien  

Louis Julien  

Inattempting to distort the truthfulness of today’s reality, it is possible forme to modify the thread of my works. On the basis of my past, I can transgress the bounds of language and formality. So, I can explore some new frontiers, introducing an abstraction of reality by forcing the viewer to search for its meaning in my paintings.


Under each painting, there is a hidden, buried, concealed landscape, the painting has surfaced two and three times, providing full freedom to the viewer to adopt his own ideas on the search that is hidden by the mystery of the said « Truthfulness ».


“Getting caught up between madness and pure truthfulness … What could be better than dreaming about the completion of a unique and incomparable work?”



My artistic research is based on the expression of the subject. I explore the shape and color by setting the canvas function border.The image Désœuvre to leave any room for a renewed landscape.


Playing with abstraction, I reinterprets a reality where the language of the work is translated into an expression that opposes form and function. Gestures that I impose on the material explores the notions of balance, dissension, reinterpretation. The meaning is thus called into question, everything becomes premise burst, collapse.


The purpose of my research is based on the landscape, the real target pictorial organization of the work. Thus, the contingency of the image is limited to the presence of referents as seen in a direction to the sublimation of about reality.


In the chaos, turmoil and stalemate, I like to transgress the limits of balance. I print in the pictorial material movement and the trace of a meeting between the tool and the color.


In the silence of the work, the discourses takes a whole new meaning.The pictorial language of my work joined the less obvious but also upsetting a break between form and plan. The image shown is expressed as drunk as an affront to the dynamics of balance.


Louis Julien


© 2001 - 2023

 par Louis Julien , Artist-Painter

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