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Louis Julien  

Artiste du mois décembre 2018 MAA

Mondial Art Academia 

is proud to congratulate Louis Julien on the

 Best Artist 2018 december  

La fugue de l'innocence.jpg 2013-8-1-13:


Louis Julien  

Louis Julien  

Born: 1968 City of Saguenay 


Born in Ville Saguenay in 1968, he studied Architecture and graduated in 1992. Self-taught artist, his works are inspired by the movement and are full of bright, vivid colors. The technique consists of a mixture abstraction overlay fades, on which often colored background a thick glaze layers. "Timeless and prints vibrant colors, designs are inspired by the time that is no more. A subtle symbiosis between elements makes the viewer tear. '' To get overwhelmed between madness and pure truth, what better than to dream about the culmination of a unique and accomplished "work.


Louis Julien  

Louis Julien 2015.PNG

Louis Julien  

© 2001 - 2023

 par Louis Julien , Artist-Painter

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